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Units of Exploration

 TES Library Media Program
Units of Study    
The TES Library Media Program uses a holistic academic approach to guide all students to be lifelong, independent learners. When students attend their weekly library special, they participate in an program that integrates a love of reading with an enthusiasm for information seeking. Our Library Media Center collection has over 14,000 beautiful and engaging books that are in constant circulation by both students and faculty! Students learn that the library experience does not stop at printed books. The TES Library Media Program also promotes critical thinking and problem solving through STEM and innovative research methods.      
3 little pigs

Kindergarten Three Little Pigs Engineering project connects S.T.E.A.M. and love of literature   Library Media Center Programming Grows with Our Students   

When students first arrive... 
The excitement that Kindergarten students have when entering the TES Library Media Center for the first time is contagious! Each week, students engage in an interactive story time and related activity. Kindergarten students spend several classes learning about book care, library media center expectations, and procedures. Before they know it, they are bringing home books! At this age, students especially love bringing home picture books to share with their families.

Preparing our students for middle school...
By fifth grade, students have developed a stronger sense of their personal and academic interests. It is one of the major roles of the Library Media Center to encourage students to explore a variety of genres of literature and informational text. Students will also be preparing to transition to middle school by learning how to seek out information independently. Students will develop skills in research and information gathering that will extend throughout their academic careers.